2019: New Year, New Trends

We can’t wait for 2019! We love a fresh start as much as we love new ideas and beauty tips. Ready to try something new? Here are some trends to get behind before they become more overdone than hair feathers did in 2010. Here are some of our favorite upcoming looks for this upcoming year!

Welcome to The Golden Globes

Now your look can be as down-to-earth as you are! We love universally flattering earthy shades like green, gray, beige, and ocean-blue. Glam it up with a little gold and you are good to GLOW.

earthy makeup

earthy green and gold eyeshadow

thick brows warm makeup

Layered Locks

It may be the time of year of layered sweaters and coats but this time, we mean your MANE thing: that hair! Modernize that famous Rachel Cut with longer, dimensional layers. We love the added body, texture, and thickness!

thick brunette long layers

volume blonde root tap

short sassy platinum blonde cut

No-Makeup Makeup

Look sun-kissed all year with a makeover that can withstand any snowstorm! A little blush, highlight, mascara, and gloss is just enough to condense your AM routine and accentuate your already-gorgeous features. A trendy, skin-toned nude look is a perfect subtle move.

glowy simple natural makeup

black makeup natural

thick brows nude lip mascara

Teal: The Real Deal

A rising popular shade like teal is another earthy tone that looks flattering on any complexion! Kick off the new year with a new ‘do.

long ink blue teal hair

long teal hair

brunette with teal highlights

Foiled Lips

Sick of the same nude shades? As pretty and promising as it is, why not mix it up with a little something new? Press gold leaf onto moistened lips, invest in a metallic lipstick, or dab on your favorite eyeshadow or glitter for an awesome, one-of-a-kind pucker.

silver foil lips

metallic unicorn lips

color shifting festivelipstick


They say less is more! Picking even just a single color to work with can still turn heads. Those with brown eyes should try blues, purples, and ashy browns. Light-eyed ladies should try peach, gold, and honey-browns. Universal colors like pink, taupe, and champagne are great go-tos.

long orange hair autumn

cotton candy hair pink bob

nude blonde hair

Go Green!

Recycle a classic color like green into something trendy and new! Pick a rich forest green to accessorize with in the colder months and save olive yellow-toned greens for summertime to grab the sunlight. You’ve got options all year round.

smoky green makeup

wintergreen bow in hair

wintergreen geometric manicure

glam glitter green manicure

Embrace the clean slate the new year can bring! Want to try a new lip? Thinking of going blonder? We say go for it! If you need a place to start, you’ve come to the right place. From makeovers to schooling, see what The Salon Professional Academy, (TSPA), Holland has to offer!

Want some further beauty guidance? Make an appointment with us soon for cuts, colors, makeovers and more! View a full list of services here.*

{Financial assistance available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit http://www.tspaholland.com/privacy-policy.}

{*All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals}

Official REDKEN Diamond Academy 2018

After careful examination and evaluation, we’ve done it again! Like in 2017, The Salon Professional Academy, (TSPA) Holland has been granted the Redken Diamond Academy Award for 2018.


What It Is

So what is this Redken Diamond Academy Award? It is our exclusive qualification for honors for our school and improved training for our students. Our relationship with Redken is one that we fostered with advanced education protocols and exceeded standards. Diamond status is our excellence in education and a demonstration of our relationship with Redken!

From Partnership to Relationship

While TSPAs have an exclusive relationship with Redken, the Diamond Academy Status is an additional accolade. While other beauty schools may offer you the chance to use Redken products, at TSPA Holland, we are provided access to further products, exclusive instruction, and higher honors.

hair stylists at work

What It Means

TSPA Holland has access to Redken’s top products for students to use. We even get the opportunity for additional education from the Global Artistic Director of Redken, Chris Baran. This also means we can host a Redken master educator color class to further our technique. A greater network is a greater education!

chris baran redken

This unique education can help students learn more during their schooling and thrive professionally! Talk about beautiful possibilities. Check out what educational differences might be in store for you by scheduling a tour today!

Ready to take on cosmetology school under Diamond Academy Status? Apply today!

{Financial assistance available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit http://www.tspaholland.com/privacy-policy.}

Makeup Inspired by Our 5 Fav Flowers!

Flowers, flowers, and even more flowers! Summer is in full bloom, and we are thrilled. This season we have been inspired by all of the beautiful floral that has taken over the earth, especially with the Holland Tulip Festival right behind us. We were so inspired by the gorgeous colors seen in the flowers at festival that we thought it was best to incorporate them into our makeup. From eyes to cheeks and down to our lips, here are five of our favorite makeup looks inspired by our favorite flowers!

Pretty Peonies

Pink Peonies in a sinkModel with blue eyes and pink blush looking at the camera
Peonies are known for symbolizing romance, good fortune, and compassion. But what most people don’t know is that Peonies are a symbol of bashfulness due to a Greek myth of Aphrodite’s affection towards Peonies causing her to become bashful.

In honor of all of the bashful Peonies in bloom, we are bringing color to our cheeks! Reds and pinks will bring color to your face and give you a more innocent look. Keep your eyes light with shimmer to complete the look.

Orange You Glad

Blackberry Lilies (orange flower with black freckles)Female model wearing orange eyeshadow
Don’t be scared to add some orange into your makeup routine. Surprisingly, orange works well for all eye colors and can really make them pop! Blackberry Lilies are meant to show innocence. However, with a pop of color like this, it’ll be hard to look innocent. Be bold and don’t be afraid to stand out with some orange. You’ll be glad you did.

Snow in Summer

White GardeniaFemale model looking off camera with white eyeliner on her eyes
White isn’t really seen as a “bold” or “unique” color, but once it is the focus of your makeup, things change. Dark or vibrant colors are usually used to emphasize your features. However, when you incorporate white to be the main color, your features will be striking! Follow the steps of the beautiful Gardenia flowers and its wisdom of love and purity to inspire you.

Lovely Lilac

Lilac on a vineFemale model with purple eyeshadow
A field of Lilacs is heaven on earth. Which is very fitting since Violet Lilacs are known for being spiritual flowers. Embrace the heavenly vibes and turn your makeup into something unearthly. Swap your angel wings for eyeliner wings. Line the bottom of your eyes in violet to bring a gorgeous more edgy vibe. Hey, angels can have a little edge to them!

Sun and Sunflowers

SunflowersFemale model with eyes closes and glossy yellow eyeshadowSunflowers. We couldn’t leave out the most summer flower there is. Sunflowers are sent to show adoration, loyalty, and strength. Sunflowers are known to be resilient because they can survive in difficult climates. Show your strength by incorporating yellow. This will bring warmth to your face and even a boost of confidence. To really add some more drama, seal the color with some gloss! This will really show off your color and your personality!

Show Us Your Skills!

Summer is a time to try new things and to work hard to perfect skills. Use this time to work on new looks, new techniques. Go outside and be inspired by nature and what this beautiful world is giving us! When you stop to smell the roses, keep an eye out. You might find your new go-to look. If makeup is your calling, you might want to consider our cosmetology program! Contact us to find out more information.

Why Choose a Future in the Beauty Industry?

Have you ever considered a future in the beauty industry? Whether you want to style hair, work as a makeup artist, or provide skin care services, the beauty industry is a great place for creative, outgoing people. Here are our top five reasons why you should choose a future in the beauty industry!

1. Help Others Feel Good

Ever had your day brightened up by a trip to the spa? Does visiting the hair salon make you feel like a new person? When you have a client who’s having a rough day, you can help them feel better. A new haircut, fresh blowout, or fun manicure can brighten up someone’s day and boost their confidence. You can create that positive vibe through your personality, skills, and creativity. Knowing that you made someone feel better with your talent can also lift your own self-esteem. This is just one of the possible rewards you can experience when you choose a future in the beauty industry.

Stylist talking to smiling woman in salon chair.

2. Use Your Creativity

If you’ve always been creative and interested in things like beauty, art, fashion, and style, a future in the beauty industry could be ideal for you. Whether you choose cosmetology or esthetics, you’ll get a chance to use that creative mind of yours. You can learn intricate, beautiful hairstyles and makeup looks and recreate them on clients. For those interested in the latest skin care techniques and products, you can use that passion to improve clients’ skin. The beauty industry can be a great place for creative individuals to thrive.

Girl with creative makeup and flower crown.

3. Practice Customer Service

A job in the beauty industry can be great for people who are social butterflies. As a stylist in a salon, you’ll have different people in the chair every day, giving you plenty of chances to strike up conversations. If you work as a makeup artist or beauty advisor, you can talk to your client about what you’re doing with their makeup and teach them valuable skills. Skin care specialists consult with clients about their skin’s needs and provide recommendations. Whichever path appeals to you, the beauty industry can be a great environment if you’re a people person.

Two female stylists working in a salon with clients, one male and one female.

4. Flexible Scheduling

Jobs in the beauty industry often allow for flexible scheduling. If the typical nine to five doesn’t work for you, this could be a great choice for your future. Jobs in salons and spas often allow you to choose between working weekdays, evenings, and weekends. When it comes to your beauty education, The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Holland offers full-time and part-time programs to fit your needs.

Hand writing the word "work" in pink marker on a whiteboard schedule.

5. Ever-Changing Work Days

When you have various clients with various needs, your workdays are rarely monotonous. One day you might be doing simple haircuts, while the next you could be creating an elaborate hairstyle for an event. Everyone who visits a stylist, makeup artist, or skin care specialist wants something different. You’ll get to use your creativity and skills each day to offer something unique to your client. Working in the beauty industry can keep you invested and engaged in your work as you continue to learn and grow.

Woman receiving lavender colored face mask at a spa.

Contact Us

Want to learn more about starting a future in the beauty industry? Call TSPA Holland today! We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and help you set up a tour. Let us help you get started on the path to your potential future in beauty!

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You Have Your Cap and Gown – What’s Next?

Here are a few reasons why beauty school after high school could be the right choice for you.

Over the last few days caps and gowns have been distributed to high school seniors at many of the local high schools. Students in Zeeland, as well as Holland and West Ottawa are now officially a month away from taking that long awaited walk, moving their tassels from one side of that cap to the other and taking the first steps into the next phase of their lives.
While some graduates know exactly what lies ahead for them, an average of 24% have no idea where to go next or even what options are available to them.
If you fall into that 24% and have ever thought of pursuing a career in beauty, here are a few things to consider.

beauty after graduation

    • A Close Career

      It’s common knowledge that school takes time; with bachelor’s degrees taking as little as four years. Beauty school is no exception, but with the average completion time of 16 months*, that certificate may come faster, taking you right to a career before many of your fellow high-school graduates have received their associate’s degree.

    • Feed Your Creative Side

      Creative people thrive in a highly active environment, and beauty school definitely is that. While there is some lecture-based course work, a lot of the required 1500 hours are spent on the floor of the student salon creating and learning how to become a “master of the cut.”

    • Flexibility!

      The classes and coursework in beauty school programs can be built with flexibility and scheduling to not only match your life, but to help you retain your “day job.” It’s more than just the classes though, the career you could find yourself in after sitting for the state licensing exam is just as flexible. This is the ultimate path for those who still have some life-adventuring to do, something common for fresh graduates.

beauty after graduation

  • Take Control of your Life

    A career in beauty is one that gives you a large amount of control. Not only can you control your schedule, but you may also gain some control of your income. Because you are essentially building your own business, with your own clients, the customization of your new career path is potentially endless.

  • Start Right Away… Or Whenever You Want

    The cap has been thrown, the future is bright, and you want to get started right away. No need to wait for “fall semester” to start, most beauty schools have classes starting right away! If you want to wait for the summer, or even the fall to get going, however, there are classes starting year round. There are no hard dates to stop you from taking this next step into your life.

Your last day of high school is almost here, the ending of this chapter in your life is within sight. Even if you don’t know what lies ahead for you, this change is an important milestone that will launch you into the life you have always dreamed of.
If part of your dream includes a career in beauty, there is still time to launch yourself directly into the next steps. Contact us today to schedule a tour, and see what your future could hold.

Cosmetology is More Than Cutting Hair

What is a CosmetologistThere is a common misconception that people who study or practice cosmetology only cut hair, but here at The Salon Professionals Academy of Holland, we know that is not the case.
Cosmetology, as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “the beautification and treatment of the hair, nails and skin”. Even that definition alone is more than just cutting hair!

Cosmetology is the beautification of, the treatment of, and the pampering and care for the hair, nails, and skin. Individuals who study cosmetology can perform these services for themselves, and in the case of a licensed cosmetologist, for others. While further knowledge of nails and skin begins to delve into esthetics, basic cosmetology will focus on the overall health and upkeep. This knowledge helps cosmetology students to develop a well rounded knowledge base that assists them in taking the best possible care of their clients.


Over the years, cosmetology has changed and evolved, with many cosmetology schools and salons focusing only on the hair component, and neglecting the added knowledge of hair and nails.

At The Salon Professionals Academy of Holland, we focus on all aspects of cosmetology, giving our students a healthy education in this well respected career.

If you would like more information on our cosmetology programs or would like to know what it takes to become a cosmetologist, visit our program page or contact us directly.
We look forward to seeing you at TSPA Holland.

Why You Should Think Pink (And Orange) This Spring!

TREND ALERT! The hottest color for 2017 is already here. You’ve probably seen it a few times on Instagram, and you’ve surely seen it on Pinterest. It’s time to be thinking pink and orange. Peach Bellinis, neon lights, and sunsets should be on your inspiration boards! Your stylist can create this look using all-over color or a balayage technique. It all depends on what you want. Check out what Redken has created so far, and take these photos into your appointment to show your stylist what you’re looking for.


rosegold hair

redken red and orange fringe

pink and lavender tints

sunset inspired hair

We’re excited to see all that these Redken artists have been working on, so now it’s time to show off what you’ve created! Share with us on IG, and make sure to let us know what you think about this style in the comments below!

We Have Scholarships and Tuition Discounts!

The Salon Professional Academy Holland offers scholarships and tuition discounts to students who qualify. Read below for more info on what is available!

All of our scholarships have a different set of requirements from essay writing to financial need. Scholarships do not have to be paid back to anyone. You can get more than 1 scholarship if you qualify for multiple.

Interested in applying for one of these scholarships, but need some help? Fill out this form, and we can contact you for assistance.

Tuition Discounts (1)

Because we know that not everyone will qualify for a scholarship, we also offer several ways to receive a tuition discount. You can get multiple tuition discounts, as well as scholarships if you qualify.

  • Third-party Payment Plans
  • In-house, 11 Month, Interest Free Loans
  • Pay-in-Full Discounts
  • 3 Payments in 9 Months or Less Discount
  • Upfront Kit Payment Discount

Our discounts are valued between $500 and $2k. Request more info on our plans and discounts now!

Why Should You Apply?

You should apply and request information about scholarships and tuition discounts if you love this industry. Everyone needs help sometimes, and you CAN pursue assistance options if you want to. We’re here for you. Many of our staff members and educators were once students, so they know what you’re going through, and they want to help you to the best of their abilities. Don’t let anything hold you back from your dreams.

Contact us today for more information on programs, financial assistance, or just to talk about TSPA Holland!

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