What’s happening at TSPA? As part of our culture, TSPA makes it a point to celebrate achievements, milestones , and “wins” with our students, staff, and guests.  With the beauty industry being focused on service, we educate and encourage all to be good stewards of their fellow students, guests, and community.  Take a look through our recent events and see how TSPA celebrates the lives of our students and all those we touch.

Camp Cosmo Round-up!

On June 29th, The Salon Professional Academy Holland hosted their first ever Cosmetology Camp. Camp TSPA is a unique event that allows teens to experience a day as a cosmo student! Cosmetology is an exciting and rapidly growing industry. With so many options, unknowns and competing information out there, however, it can be hard for… Continue reading

Summer School Rocks!

“Summer School is Awesome!” We bet you never thought you would hear those words spoken aloud by anyone other than a boy with large glasses and a pocket protector. You probably never thought you would agree with it. And yet, your high school career is at an end. Summer is almost here. Here’s the question:… Continue reading

Can Scholarships Help With Beauty School? Let’s get down to the Nitty-Gritty

Many future cosmetologists leave high school with dreams of the perfect “final summer” experience. They dream of beach days, long movie nights snuggled into someone great, and big plans to work a part time job all summer and spend the time saving and preparing to start beauty school that fall. While that perfect summer experience… Continue reading