TSPA Holland: Official REDKEN Diamond Academy

We are pleased to announce that The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Holland has qualified for the 2017 REDKEN DIAMOND ACADEMY award!

What does this exciting news mean for our staff, current students and prospective students?

In a nutshell, it means that our franchise location has gone above and beyond the excellence in education we provide for our students, as required by Redken. Additionally, we have met the required franchise standards that accompany this amazing award.

Find out more about how this can impact you, as a student, below.

redken diamond

TSPA + Redken = Excellence in Education

The Salon Professional Academy franchise locations and Redken have proudly joined together in a relationship that gives the TSPA family access to a yearly qualification for this exclusive Redken Diamond Academy Award. This relationship affords our students experience in using some of the most well known products in the industry as well as advanced education from Redken’s Global Artistic Director, Chris Baran.

The relationship that The Salon Professional Academy, Holland and Redken have built is one that we are proud to be a part of. The extra care that the Diamond Academy relationship has created is one of the amazing things that leads so many to the support offered by the TSPA family network.

The Diamond Academy Status

This amazing award is reserved for the schools who go above and beyond in their efforts to exceed Redken and franchise standards.

This accolade requires schools to attain certain standards that can range from meeting training requirements, facility standards, and curriculum. Receiving the Redken Diamond Academy status is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of how this amazing accomplishment benefits students, and their dedicated teachers.

TSPA Holland Redken Diamond Academy

Training and Education

Once a TSPA school is given the Diamond Academy distinction they earn the privilege of hosting a Redken master educator color class. This advanced educator training is unique to the TSPA franchise system and truly benefits educators and students by giving them access to an advanced education that can help them to thrive in today’s fast-paced beauty industry.

TSPA Holland is very proud of this amazing accomplishment in 2017, achieved so soon after opening!

To see a Diamond Academy and learn about the educational difference, schedule your tour today! Let us show you around and introduce you to your own beautiful possibilities.

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How is Beauty School Quality Monitored?

Several things can help you understand the quality of the education you will receive at a beauty school. Everything from brand affiliation to accreditation to state guidelines can impact the standards of a school.

When you first start looking at beauty schools you’re going to hear a lot about these things, and it can be confusing! Don’t feel overwhelmed! It’s actually quite easy, and we here at The Salon Professional Academy Holland are ready to help you make sense of it all!

Here are some basics you should know, as well as some steps we’ve taken at TSPA Holland to ensure we’re held to high educational standards to give you a quality education.

State Jurisdiction

The first line of beauty school standard is set by the state and even the city that the school is located in. The local government sets requirements for the facility and education that must be met before the school can even open. These include things like square footage, student-teacher ratio, and school hour requirements. These types of requirements help to give schools a minimum standard that they must meet, and helps students to avoid scams and inferior educations.

Of course, the state certification guidelines are really just a solid foundation for the accreditations and endorsements that schools can get to help give their students the best possible education.

Brand Affiliation

redkenThe brands a school is affiliated with can add an even deeper level of standard to the school’s curriculum. At TSPA Holland we have a relationship with Redken, CND, and MUD. Each of these brands has additional expectations that we are required to meet in order to continue our relationship. This includes things like training hours and technical education for our students. We send our instructors to additional training yearly and will also host educators from the brand in our schools, giving our students deeper education opportunities not only with the brand, but with new techniques and styles, often before anyone else.

We are proud to work with these brands at TSPA Holland, not only because of the training that they make available to our students, but because we firmly believe in the brand and know they will give our students knowledge and skills that could help them succeed.

National Accreditation

National accreditations take years to receive, with several operating years needed to even begin the process. National accrediting bodies monitor things such as pass rate, education expectation, and financials, in fact, it is this accreditation process that becomes the gateway for schools to qualify for Title IV Funding.

If a school is not accredited it does not mean that they are not offering a superior education, they could just be in the process. Ask questions during your tour to find out if they are in the process of becoming accredited.


The Salon Professional Academy Logo - BlackFranchises are everywhere.
While many people think of them being only about fast food, they can include any business that wishes to extend their brand, while still maintaining the same quality standards.

That is one of the reasons we here in Holland have chosen to work with The Salon Professional Academy franchise. Their standard and quality is one that we believe in and that we want to set for all of our students.

The Salon Professional Academy franchise has been teaching the art of cosmetology and business building skills for decades and is a name that people trust and respect. We honor that history and work hard to bring the TSPA name and reputation to the Holland, MI territory.

We strive to give our students the best education we can, and we are proud of everything we’ve accomplished. A quality education with high quality products and training is our passion. To learn more about what we do to give students a quality education, contact us.