What Can I Do With an Esthetics License

Esthetics. This word may seem intimidating, but don’t fret! Esthetics is simply the science and practice of taking care of skin! It can cover a wide variety of skills, and trends, with requirements that can lead to diverse careers. In Michigan, the required 400 hours certification covers everything you will need to know in order to sit for the state licensing board and help you step into multiple career opportunities. In addition, an Esthetics license is required if you want to pursue other skills like micro-blading and lash extensions.

The Salon Professional Academy Holland offers Esthetics training, with our next class beginning on June 13th. Contact us today to get started on building this amazing skill.

Want to know more? Here are just a few things you will learn while you pursue a future career in Esthetics.

  • Skin Care

    A broad term, yes, but within esthetics there are very specific skin care requirements that students should learn and hopefully master before they sit for the state board. This includes a knowledge and understanding of skin antiseptics, as well as lotions and creams. This means that all esthetician students should be learning how to keep skin clean, as well as how to keep it moisturized and smooth.

  • Facials

    Esthetics CareersCommonly understood as the staple in any esthetician’s handbag, facials will easily become a students go to. It’s easy to see why, with facials ranging anywhere from simple moisturizers to blackhead removal. They are very sought after. Mastering this skill will be a valuable asset to your skill set and a required knowledge when you sit for the state board.

  • Dermalogica Face Mapping

    The Salon Professional Academy Holland is proud to offer Dermalogica face mapping within our Esthetics courses. This system utilizes advanced technique and theory that will help you understand the chemistry of a client’s face, find problems areas, and resolve long term issues like dryness, oil, and breakouts. This system is not available everywhere and we are proud to include it in our repertoire.

  • Hair Removal

    If you, like 80% of the population, are tired of shaving, or are embarrassed by hair that is growing where it shouldn’t, then you have probably looked into hair removal at some time or another. As an esthetician, this skill is required learning, as temporary hair removal, such as waxing, are highly sought over.

  • Makeup Application

    Esthetics CareersUnlike many other states, Michigan has a requirement that all estheticians be trained in makeup application. This includes everything from basic and advanced techniques, to eyelash application. Having the knowledge of makeup can open up even more doors than standard spa and Esthetician based jobs, making this a valuable asset.

  • Additional Skills

    At TSPA Holland, we offer many wonderful add-ons to our standard esthetics courses. From hot stone work to peels to anti-aging methods, we create opportunities for our students to learn what they need to create a portfolio.

If you are interested in pursuing one of these amazing career options and learning more about skin care, makeup and more reach out to our admissions office. Our next esthetics classes begin June 13th, begin the admissions process and get your place reserved.