Older? Younger? It’s Never Too Late For Hair

Some people know what their future holds years before they are ever able to pursue the education to get them there. Some people try a few things before discovering where their passion truly lies. And then there are those that have an idea of what they want to do but find themselves tiptoeing around the possibility, never quite sure if the time is right.
Those same journeys happen within the beauty industry, with people beginning their beauty school education at a myriad of times in their lives.
Recently, a poll on hairbrained.me appeared, asking cosmetologists when they began their personal careers. While the overall votes may not surprise you, their answers will. They might even inspire you.

50percent of polled started career before 20

Beauty Career at Any Age

Beauty Career at Any Age

Beauty Career at Any Age

Beauty Career at Any Age

Beauty Career at Any Age

Beauty Career at Any Age


A New Start At Any Age

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life’s journey, it is always the perfect time to pursue your dreams. Just looking at some of the comments above you can see that while many people started later in life, so many more started right out of school and found a passion that has lasted them their entire life! Their stories are so inspiring!

Beauty Career at Any Age

Follow Those Dreams!

We have grown up with this phrase, it’s been embedded in our brains. But sadly, many people don’t pursue those dreams and they remain stagnant for years. Luckily, you can always go back and seek after them. It is never too late to do something for you. It’s never too late to learn something new and take the first steps toward a new skill, and a new obsession. That’s exactly what cosmetology has been for so many. It could be for you, too.

Beauty Career at Any Age

Passion Runs Deep

If you have been contemplating a career in beauty, but weren’t quite sure if now is the right time to start, don’t let fears keep you from your dreams. Discover our flexible programs and find a schedule that works for you, and that will help you reach your dreams and get you to a career that you won’t look back from.

Beauty Career at Any Age

Beauty Career at Any Age

Beauty Career at Any Age

Summer School Rocks!

“Summer School is Awesome!”

We bet you never thought you would hear those words spoken aloud by anyone other than a boy with large glasses and a pocket protector. You probably never thought you would agree with it.

And yet, your high school career is at an end. Summer is almost here. Here’s the question: should you take the summer off and enjoy your new graduate status? Or should you step right into school and begin building your future?

It’s a difficult decision to be sure, but what if taking the summer to attend beauty school at TSPA Holland could push you ahead of your peers? What if attending Esthetics school this summer could launch you into a career by fall?
Both of these can be true and here are a few things to help back it up.

    • Getting Started Sooner Means Finishing Sooner!

      Unlike traditional colleges, beauty colleges have multiple start dates throughout the year with a start date occurring practically every month! If you want to start but miss the deadline you won’t be waiting too long to hop in. Better yet, that flexibility allows you to get everything in line as you prepare to start down the road to your new future.

      Ready to get started? Our next Esthetics class starts on June 13th! Want an added bonus? This is also the last class that features a 400 hour requirement before we switch to the 600 hours – making your career change even faster!

    • A Career Before Your Peers!

      No, this is not an exaggeration. While your friends are still plugging away at university you could be graduating and sitting for the boards before moving into a new career. With Esthetics programs that take as little as 6 months and Cosmetology programs that take as little as 9, you could be months away from a new career and a new future.

    • Friends Abound!

      Beauty Summer School
      Many people worry about jumping right back into school after graduation or that school will hinder their summer plans. While you may not be able to go on that two week beach vacation, you will still have plenty of time for friends. Better yet, you will be making so many friends in school that you will be surrounded by them all summer long. Talk about the perfect friend-filled summer experience!

Ready to get started? Join us for our next esthetics class on June 13th! As the last class that will feature a 400 hour requirement before we switch to the 600 hours, you aren’t going to want to miss it!
Contact our admissions office for more information and to get started on the path to a beautiful future.

{Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, click here.}

Can Scholarships Help With Beauty School? Let’s get down to the Nitty-Gritty

Many future cosmetologists leave high school with dreams of the perfect “final summer” experience. They dream of beach days, long movie nights snuggled into someone great, and big plans to work a part time job all summer and spend the time saving and preparing to start beauty school that fall.
While that perfect summer experience may be something of legend, there is something that many future cosmetologists often discount that could make a huge impact on their summer plans, and on their future schooling: scholarships and grants.
Scholarships and grants are often overlooked because they seem like an impossibility. There is an idea that not only are they hard to get, but that they won’t make that much of an impact.
Well, get ready to have those ideas blown out of the water!

Scholarships for School

Scholarship Availability

There are numerous scholarships available to students. Websites like Beauty Changes Lives specializes in helping students find beauty based scholarships to apply for, but there are many other options available. If you have a job, your employer could possibly have scholarships available to employees, and tuition reimbursement could be available. Also look into local options as many cities will have resident based opportunities that could take a huge chunk out of your cost.

Make an Impact on Out of Pocket Costs

Often people will avoid scholarships all together thinking that even if you get them there is no way they can make that much of a difference. While many scholarships and grants may seem insignificant compared to education costs, if you qualify for a scholarship and/or grant, it will make an overall impact on your direct educational investment.

Check Out What The School Has to Offer

Often schools will have their own scholarships and grants available to students. Contact the Admissions Director for available scholarships and grants, for those who qualify. While they are still limited in their distribution, they can be considerably easier to get than some of the other scholarships out there. Check with the school’s financial assistance and admissions department to find out what’s available.

*Financial Assistance Available to those who qualify

Of course, working through the summer to save some money for school is always an option, but there are definite benefits to starting right away and finding scholarships and grants as well as working with many of the other financial assistance that is available.

Want the long and short of it? Contact our admissions department, we will be glad to sit down with you and go through your different options and build the perfect financial plan.

Coming Soon to Holland Michigan

A Redken World-Class Beauty School

The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) is a Redken endorsed, world-class beauty school that will be opening in Holland MI, in early fall 2016! TSPA programs are designed to develop the entire salon professional with great technical ability, business & marketing training, and the guest handling skills that are in high demand by top salons and spas. Stay connected and follow us on social media as we renovate and create a brand new facility off of West Shore Drive in the plaza located next to Not So Shabby Antique Mall. Currently under construction and opening Fall of 2016. Contact us for more information about our programs and scholarships.