Meet Rachel and Scott from TSPA Holland

The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA) franchise is a network of schools dedicated to providing students the best possible education. It is TSPA’s goal to produce the next generation of cosmetologists, releasing them into their future careers trained and ready to conquer the world.

To accomplish this we rely heavily on our owners.

By bringing dedicated and talented individuals into our family we know our students will benefit.

Nowhere is this so apparent as it is in Holland, Michigan where Scott and Rachel Harned bring years of experience, hearts full of compassion, and a strong dedication to each of their students into a school they strive to make a safe and happy place for the students they now consider to be family.

An Unconventional History

As a skilled, business-minded, couple Scott and Rachel have had a slightly different path toward becoming the school owners they now are.

Rachel and ScottRachel has always had an interest in beauty. She worked as a makeup artist through college, but she didn’t earn her degree in beauty. Rachel proudly holds a Communications Degree, with an emphasis in marketing, from Grand Valley State University. It is a degree that led her through many different careers, staying with the Grand Rapids Press for 5 years when her son was born. It was then she moved back into beauty, opening her own airbrush tanning company.

With each tan her love for beauty began to deepen, leading her to open her own full service salon, Bombshell Blow Dry Bar, in 2014.

Scott’s journey is not far off from his beautiful wife’s. Scott holds an Economics and Communications Degree from Northern Illinois University, Scott has spent many years working as a consultant before moving into operations and finance. He managed a sales team, selling national rollout services to the restaurant industry for years before leaving the rat race to manage the school full time.
It’s a decision he doesn’t regret. The relaxed, positive, and helpful culture of the beauty world has found a place in his heart.

Although their path has been different from many others, it has also opened many doors not only for them but for their students as well.

Sharing The Tricks of The Trade

Rachel HarnedWith such a beautifully varied background, the Harneds’ have embraced this new path in their lives, ready and willing to change the lives of each of their students.

They are dedicated to seeing each and every student succeed, something that they know takes more than a strong cutting and styling education.

Rachel and Scott take the time to share the knowledge they have learned and the skills they have mastered over the years to each of their students, going above the business development education that is normally offered in beauty schools to help students build their own business plans, create branding, and master social media techniques that will help students to not only build, but grow a client base that will see them through a flourishing career.

The Harneds’ are dedicated to each of their students, using their experience to create more than talented professionals, they create successful entrepreneurs.

An Education Based on Experience

With all of these amazing marketing and business skills being passed on, it can be easy to forget that their passion began in beauty.

It was after Bombshell Blow Dry Bar was launched that Rachel’s experience with makeup and spray tanning really flourished, reminding her how much she loved the beauty industry and igniting a passion to grow within it.

But it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Only a few months after opening, Rachel began to see the gap in education that many of the fresh grads she was hiring were displaying. Although Bombshell was a teaching salon, with an intent to train future professionals in the finer details of this industry, they wanted something greater for their area.

It was then that Rachel and Scott launched into the journey to open TSPA Holland.

Their goal from the beginning has always been to train and create talented and successful students. Alongside their own experience, they have worked hard to bring in instructors and staff that are as successful, talented, and tenacious creating a dream team that can see their students through every aspect of their career.

Fostering Growth. Inside and Out

Scott HarnedCutting skills. Marketing. Trending technique. Business management. All of these make up important aspects of a student. But it is more than those skills that can create a prepared professional, something that the Harneds’ know quite well.

Although much of their time away from the school is spent with their family, so much of their commitment to this life rests in their church activities and membership. They have dedicated much of their lives to this, and let many of those core values guide their lives.

Moving into a career like this takes growth that is more than just educational. There is a personal change that occurs in many of their students that helps turn them into successful individuals. By creating a space, and a curriculum, that helps to foster this growth they are assuring that each of their students blossoms both inside and out.

Into the Field

When a new student graduates from TSPA Holland and moves into their first placement, the Harneds’ know their job is far from done. After all, they aren’t just a student, they are family. And as family they stand by each other, every step of the way.

That’s why, as a student prepares to sit for their state boards, the Harneds’ also focus on teaching them how to be a good employee. But much of that guidance starts with a down to earth reality: you many not get your dream job to start. That’s why it’s important to focus on learning every day, even long after graduation. By teaching their students to adapt and grow, to find joy in every situation, they teach them to create their own opportunities, and their own success.

Even though it’s easy to get lost in the competition of this industry, the main concern at TSPA Holland is to work together, to make sure that every student leaves their school ready for what’s ahead. This community takes teamwork, and by promoting that they help each of their students to be their best, to do their best, all while lifting each other up.

“Build the community. Build the students. We are all in this together.”

TSPA Holland Family

Are you ready to change your life? Scott and Rachel Harned want to help you get there. They firmly believe that inside of each student is a beautiful person ready to reach their full potential. Dedicated to their TSPA family, The Harned’s can help you reach yours.

Contact us today to see how The Harned’s have built a different type of school, and how that commitment can impact you.

You can do more than reach your dreams, you can soar past them.