Graduating High School? Here are Your Next Steps

Congratulations to all the high school seniors who are getting ready to graduate this summer! It’s an exciting time where it seems that all you can think about is receiving your diploma with all of your friends by your side. Be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far but don’t forget to think about what happens after all the parties and celebrations are over. Maybe you’ve already decided you want to pursue cosmetology after high school. You’re just not sure how to start preparing for it. Luckily for you, we’ve got your guide on how to get ready for this next stage of your life. Follow these tips now so you can head into graduation with an idea of how you can start your beauty journey!

Do Some Research

We know that you may be sick of doing research for your regular school projects, so this step might seem like something you want to skip. Senioritis anyone? Trust us though, this is going to be worth it. Moving on from high school and eventually entering the working world is a big deal, which means you should definitely take the time to find out what that could mean for you. Cosmetology is a growing industry, so it’s important that you discover what area of it you’re most passionate about. Looking up the job opportunities that are available for cosmetologists can be the best part of your research.

woman studying at her laptop

Look Into Financial Assistance

It’s no secret that investing in your education after high school is no joke. That’s why there are resources available for students to help them on their path to becoming a cosmetologist. If you’re worried about investing in cosmetology school, then find out if you qualify for financial assistance*. It just goes back to making sure that you’ve done enough research so you can feel prepared for what comes after high school. We know that this step may seem intimidating but we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Look at Your Classes Through a Cosmetology Lens

That’s right, your classes can be helpful with your cosmetology goals. If you’re taking an art subject right now, chances are that you’re stretching your creativity to create something that you can feel proud of. Hey, that’s one of the many admirable qualities that cosmetologists should strive to have. You may even be taking classes that teach skills many don’t think about when considering cosmetology. Just think about all the chemicals that are used to color people’s hair. There’s a lot of science that goes into making a guest’s hair that perfect platinum blonde shade. You may already be learning skills and traits that are needed to be a cosmetologist, so start thinking about how they could help you in beauty school.

woman holding paint brushes

Tell People

It’s easy to get excited by an idea. However, sometimes we can start to get bogged down by doubts. Those can be normal, which is why it’s never a bad idea to tell friends and family your plans after graduating high school. You deserve a support system to help you along the process and keep you on track with following through on your goals. Sometimes people may even need to hear their plans out loud to convince themselves it’s something they can go after. That’s what family and friends are there for.

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Schedule a Tour

This is an important step because it’s what all that research you did was leading up to. When you take a tour of the school you can see exactly what you’re getting into. Not only can you get a first-hand look at the school’s atmosphere but you can also ask any question you may have and receive an immediate answer. The atmosphere of the school and what the classes could look like are just some of the things you should be thinking of. As we said, school after high school is different and this could be a great opportunity to get a feel for what it’s like.

Make Us Your Next Step

Now that you know some steps you could be doing now, it’s time to start the process. Get a start on your future beyond high school and contact us to find out more about our cosmetology program. The team at The Salon Professional Academy, (TSPA) Holland, can’t wait to discuss this new and exciting stage in your life!

*Financial Assistance is available to those who qualify. Contact us today to speak to a admissions coordinator for more information.