Cosmetology School at a Glance

Want to pursue a career that you feel passionate about? If you love making people feel good and you want to express your creativity in a career, then cosmetology school could be a great option for you! Maybe you still have questions about beauty school and you want to learn more. Read our comprehensive guide about cosmetology school to answer all your questions!

Our Beauty Knowledge Quiz

Whether you’re just getting into beauty or it’s been a passion for years, there are so many new and exciting things to learn about the industry. Names of beauty tools, hair trends, and beauty techniques are just some exciting topics you could learn about. You might be surprised by what you learn! Check out “Our Beauty Knowledge Quiz” to find out how much you know.

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Why Choose a Future in the Beauty Industry

Interested in knowing more about cosmetology? There are a lot of reasons why a career in cosmetology could be a great fit for you! Having a flexible schedule and being able to use your creativity are some advantages you could have from a career in beauty. Read our “Why Choose a Future in the Beauty Industry?” blog to find out why you might love a future in cosmetology!

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Reasons People Don’t Commit to Beauty School

Starting something new is a big commitment and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. Maybe you’ve thought about beauty school before, but you can’t help but doubt if this is really the right career path for you. From job opportunities to just wondering if you’ll fit in, there’s a lot that you might be worrying about. Check out our “Reasons People Don’t Commit to Beauty School” to see how you can overcome these and other common doubts.

How to Pick a Beauty School in Michigan

So, you’ve decided to apply for beauty school. Now it’s time to pick the right school for you to attend! It’s an exciting stage in your beauty education. While learning about the latest beauty techniques, you’ll be spending a lot of time with instructors and other students. Researching beauty schools in your area can help you find which is right for you. Check out our “How to Pick a Beauty School in Michigan” for tips on finding a beauty school that can feel like home.

What to Expect on a Tour of TSPA Holland

Ready to take your tour of TSPA Holland? We can’t wait to see you and and show what makes our school so special. It’s important that you get to know us and our school’s culture. That’s why we made a guide outlining what you can do to get the most out of your tour. Check out our “What to Expect on a Tour of TSPA Holland?” blog to find out what to bring, questions you should ask, and more great advice!

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Begin Your Beauty Education Here

Ready to start an education you’re passionate about? From learning more about the beauty industry to making the decision to apply, we’re here to help you every step of the way in your beauty journey. Contact us to find out more about our cosmetology program and how you can start!