The Salon Professional Academy understands the challenges students can face when it comes to financing your career investment. To assist with the cost of education, TSPA offers a variety of scholarship opportunities and grants for those who qualify. Explore the individual options below then fill out the quick form to get the process started. Our admissions representative will contact you and provide a personalized experience as you navigate your way through the application process.

Why You Should Apply

If you apply for a scholarship, you exhibit qualities like:

  • Motivation and drive
  • Seriousness
  • The ability to apply yourself
  • Punctuality
  • Interest
  • Passion

These are all qualities that we are looking for in talented students. If you’re serious about an education, get in contact with us!


Simply fill out and submit the form below; our admissions pro will provide support and guidance as you begin your journey to your new career!

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