Can Scholarships Help With Beauty School? Let’s get down to the Nitty-Gritty

Many future cosmetologists leave high school with dreams of the perfect “final summer” experience. They dream of beach days, long movie nights snuggled into someone great, and big plans to work a part time job all summer and spend the time saving and preparing to start beauty school that fall.
While that perfect summer experience may be something of legend, there is something that many future cosmetologists often discount that could make a huge impact on their summer plans, and on their future schooling: scholarships and grants.
Scholarships and grants are often overlooked because they seem like an impossibility. There is an idea that not only are they hard to get, but that they won’t make that much of an impact.
Well, get ready to have those ideas blown out of the water!

Scholarships for School

Scholarship Availability

There are numerous scholarships available to students. Websites like Beauty Changes Lives specializes in helping students find beauty based scholarships to apply for, but there are many other options available. If you have a job, your employer could possibly have scholarships available to employees, and tuition reimbursement could be available. Also look into local options as many cities will have resident based opportunities that could take a huge chunk out of your cost.

Make an Impact on Out of Pocket Costs

Often people will avoid scholarships all together thinking that even if you get them there is no way they can make that much of a difference. While many scholarships and grants may seem insignificant compared to education costs, if you qualify for a scholarship and/or grant, it will make an overall impact on your direct educational investment.

Check Out What The School Has to Offer

Often schools will have their own scholarships and grants available to students. Contact the Admissions Director for available scholarships and grants, for those who qualify. While they are still limited in their distribution, they can be considerably easier to get than some of the other scholarships out there. Check with the school’s financial assistance and admissions department to find out what’s available.

*Financial Assistance Available to those who qualify

Of course, working through the summer to save some money for school is always an option, but there are definite benefits to starting right away and finding scholarships and grants as well as working with many of the other financial assistance that is available.

Want the long and short of it? Contact our admissions department, we will be glad to sit down with you and go through your different options and build the perfect financial plan.