We Provide the Hearts, You Provide the Love

Showing love to our community is so important to us, which is why we start in our own school. To kick off February, we provide over 100 paper hearts in our hallway and at our front desk and allow our students and guests to write kind notes to one another and then post them on the wall to be displayed as encouragement to all who read them. Our Director of Admissions was so excited that she started before we even hit February- there’s no reason to wait!

The beauty industry can be very challenging and we all have bad days, so why not encourage someone nearby with a note of compassion? Love goes a long way!

We provide the hearts, you provide the love.

Stop by TSPA Holland to see the notes and write one yourself!

Crowned With Curls

We at The Salon Professional Academy of Holland love our community and we believe in the importance of giving back. In December, we were happy to support Woven by Love’s “Crowned with Curls” initiative which distributes hair kits to families adopting or fostering children of color.

“Many families are overwhelmed with the selection of products available and different care routines needed for the children entering their homes. Our starter kits will include all of the basic items needed for both boys and girls that will be offered free to foster and adoptive families in our community. Our boxes also include instructions for basic routines, simple style suggestions, product recommendations, how-to video tutorial links, and a list of local barbers and salons in the West Michigan area.” (Read more at https://wovenbylove.org/crowned-with-curls and learn how you, too, can sponsor a kit!)

We’re really excited to see how else we can partner with this initiative! Thank you, Woven by Love, for including us!



Heart Family

One of our favorite Christmas traditions at TSPA Holland is that every year, we adopt a Heart Family. Our owners’ oldest son was born with a heart condition that kept the family in the hospital over Christmas in 2009. It was a time they will never forget. After they their son was released and they were blessed with successful surgery and good health, they knew they had to do something with their experience. The hospital becomes home for many families as they stay with their child during this time- Christmas gifts being the least of their worries. That’s why, each year, our owners return as a family to the same hospital and give a Christmas to a family in need. While most of the hospital experience is packed full of sleepless nights, anticipation, and the stress of being away from home for the holidays, there is one miracle the family can look forward to: Christmas.

This year was the tenth anniversary of celebrating health for their son, and TSPA adopted a family this year with great eagerness. The students signed up throughout the season for various gifts. Our students loved getting to be a part of the gift-buying and gift wrapping before the big reveal. Check out our video to see some of the process:

So, we wish you a very happy holiday from the TSPA family. We are grateful to be able to give back and bless others; after all, that’s what this season is all about. We hope you do the same and enjoy time spent with loved ones this year. Merry Christmas!

Redken Retail Contest Winner

This December, one of our students earned 3rd place in the national Redken Retail Contest. She has been working very hard and that hard work paid off! We got to congratulate her and recognize her at our monthly “Celebrations” meeting and there, she found out that she received Redken prizes, including product, and that she won a $200 voucher to the Redken Exchange in New York City! The Redken Exchange (https://www.redkensalon.com/redken-education/redken-exchange) is “a state-of-the-art learning facility in the heart of New York City. Redken helps the salon community develop its skills in business, design, color, training, personal development and wealth building… [Their] unique, personal–based approach creates the ultimate experience to help every salon professional learn, earn and live better.”

Justine will graduate on January 3, 2020. She is off to great new adventures and accomplishments! We’re so proud of you, Justine. Way to go!

Book Your Holiday Appointment Now!

It’s the holiday season and we are getting ready for holiday hair, nails, and makeup. What do you need to be ready for those family photos? Whatever it might be, we’ve got you covered.

The students here at TSPA Holland have been cutting, coloring, and curling all year round and are ready to prep you for this year’s festivities.

Sometimes all you need is a toner to get your color looking fresh. Check out this video to see what it could do for you!

If you’re not an expert makeup stylist, don’t worry! We have all the right tools to spruce you up for your work party, photo session, or Christmas Eve date. Just make sure to book your appointment early, because our schedule fills up fast!

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Do you hear what we hear? We have a perfect promotional going on for you right now: every $50 gift card you buy, you get a $10 promotional gift card* free!

Stop in today to get your gift cards early for the holiday season- your nieces and nephews, grandkids, cousins, or parents will love having a salon service under the Christmas tree. And it’s not all for them; you can book your appointment to use the promo gift card while you’re here!
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Holiday Gift Sets are Here!

Here at TSPA, it’s hard to believe how fast the year goes by. Students are enrolling and graduating left and right, and before we know it, we are finishing another great year at school. With that being said, the end of the year is always an exciting time- and it’s a great time to check out the salon before the festivities begin. Whether you need your hair and nails done or you want to get some Christmas shopping done early, you’ll be happy to know that the Holiday gift sets are here!
We have various new gift sets, including:
  • Dermalogica Ultimate Cleanse & Glow Trio
  • Redken Extreme Shampoo & Conditioner, plus Anti-Snap
  • Redken All Soft Mega Travel Set with Shampoo, Conditioner, Hairbrush, and Hairspray
  • Redken Color Extend Shampoo, Conditioner, and One United
  • and many more!
Hurry in for great deals, because these sets will not last long!
Check out this video to learn more about the sets from our students!

Alumni Spotlight- Rita F.

The Salon Professional Academy of Holland Alumni Spotlight

  • What are you learning in the salon right now? 
    “I am so blessed because I am learning so much every day at Body Perfections just being able to work next to such talented hairstylists. We also have Lucy who is our Director of Education. I am learning to take techniques I already know and improving them.”
  • What do you think prepared you the most while attending The Salon Professional Academy to be in a salon?
    “The Salon Professional Academy prepared me in so many ways, I am not sure I can pick just one. But the main thing, is the atmosphere at TSPA does feel like a salon and not a school. Being out on the Student Salon Training Area is probably what prepared me the most and having that interaction with clients. Also the way they taught us to do consultations and the planning binders to track our numbers and set goals.”
  • What is your favorite hottest trend right now?
    “My favorite hottest trend has to be all the vivid colors. I haven’t been able to do many, but I would love to start. My next favorite trend would be hair painting and root smudging.”
  • What surprised you most about being in a salon?
    “I guess the thing that surprised me the most is how in school we were taught that only you can make yourself busy and you can’t count on the salon to do it all and that is so true! The salon you are in can only do so much to build your clientele. You have have to be very dedicated to passing out referral cards, connecting with your clients and making sure you post on social media.”
  • What would you say to someone who is thinking about attending The Salon Professional Academy of Holland?
    “If someone were to tell me they are attending TSPA, I’d tell them Good Choice! Being able to leave the school feeling so ready to further your education in a salon is the best feeling and that’s how I felt leaving. I don’t think I would of taken the leap of going to Cosmetology school if it wasn’t for TSPA.”
  • What is one thing you wish you could go back and tell yourself when you were a student?
    “I would go back and tell myself  that the 11 months of going to school full time, working part time and being a mom full time would really pay off. I remember it being stressful, but now looking back I feel it was such a short period and now I have a lifetime of happiness being able to go into work and not feel like I’m working a day in my life. I have so much fun at work and it’s where I am able to put all my creativity to use in one place.”

You can schedule a service with Rita at Body Perfections in Holland!


The leaves aren’t the only things changing color in October! As we enter into a new season, hair color transitions from Summer to Autumn, and clients are walking out ready for a Fall photo shoot.

For years, men and women have been coloring their hair in various styles and fashions, and that trend is not going to end anytime soon. Balayage, lowlights, highlights, root smudge, and retouches are just a few examples of popular styles here at TSPA. That’s why we have a color promotion happening here for all you color-obsessed and first-timers! You won’t want to miss on this great deal:

25% off all color services
25% off all color retail

This offer is good until October 31st! Plus, when you come in and get your hair colored during this promotion, you’ll get a $5 off coupon for your next visit.


Redken recently launched a new line of product called “Nature + Science” with high-quality natural ingredients. It is vegan and made without parabens, silicone, and sulfates. Included in their new line is “Color Extend” shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo contains ginseng and is a gentle formula which enhances vibrancy to keep your new color looking fresh. Combine the conditioner to add shine and lock in your color and you will extend your new color to its fullest potential.

Let us color you happy here at TSPA Holland and get you out the door and on your way to the orchard, drinking apple cider, and relaxing by the fire, all while looking your best.


*All services are performed by students under the supervision of a licensed educator.

Why Traditional College isn’t the Answer

While college is certainly appropriate for some students and a prerequisite for some professions, crippling student debt, lack of job opportunities, and growing interest in pursuing passions outside the university path are driving students to explore a skills-based education. “The skills gap is the number one problem American businesses face”, said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, in a statement.  For too long, a four-year degree has been touted as the best option for success after high school; “We start to believe that the best path for the most people happens to be the most expensive path,” said Mike Rowe, best known for his popular TV show ‘Dirty Jobs’. “And it also happens to be the path that has led to a skills gap of about 5.8 million positions and student loans of about 1.3 trillion …”

Rowe maintains we’ve done a disservice to high school students with our short-sighted focus on college. In fact, 36% of millennial college graduates with student loans now say they would have skipped college if they had understood the cost, research shows. Then there are the 30% of college students who go to public universities and 20% who attend private schools who haven’t earned degrees within six years, according to the National Student Clearinghouse. They racked up big bills without getting a college diploma in the process.

“About 40 years ago, we started telling the current generation that the best path for the most people was a four-year degree,” said Rowe. “But what happened …  is they wound up promoting one form of education at the expense of all the other forms. College became higher education and apprenticeship programs, trade schools, community colleges, and all the job training opportunities, those became alternatives to education.”

With a higher-than-average job placement rate, an industry that has shown a growth for 30+ consecutive years, and an education-to-career track several years shorter than traditional colleges and universities, beauty school could prove to be more than just realizing your passion as a career…it could be the smartest professional career decision you can make!