2019: New Year, New Trends

We can’t wait for 2019! We love a fresh start as much as we love new ideas and beauty tips. Ready to try something new? Here are some trends to get behind before they become more overdone than hair feathers did in 2010. Here are some of our favorite upcoming looks for this upcoming year!

Welcome to The Golden Globes

Now your look can be as down-to-earth as you are! We love universally flattering earthy shades like green, gray, beige, and ocean-blue. Glam it up with a little gold and you are good to GLOW.

earthy makeup

earthy green and gold eyeshadow

thick brows warm makeup

Layered Locks

It may be the time of year of layered sweaters and coats but this time, we mean your MANE thing: that hair! Modernize that famous Rachel Cut with longer, dimensional layers. We love the added body, texture, and thickness!

thick brunette long layers

volume blonde root tap

short sassy platinum blonde cut

No-Makeup Makeup

Look sun-kissed all year with a makeover that can withstand any snowstorm! A little blush, highlight, mascara, and gloss is just enough to condense your AM routine and accentuate your already-gorgeous features. A trendy, skin-toned nude look is a perfect subtle move.

glowy simple natural makeup

black makeup natural

thick brows nude lip mascara

Teal: The Real Deal

A rising popular shade like teal is another earthy tone that looks flattering on any complexion! Kick off the new year with a new ‘do.

long ink blue teal hair

long teal hair

brunette with teal highlights

Foiled Lips

Sick of the same nude shades? As pretty and promising as it is, why not mix it up with a little something new? Press gold leaf onto moistened lips, invest in a metallic lipstick, or dab on your favorite eyeshadow or glitter for an awesome, one-of-a-kind pucker.

silver foil lips

metallic unicorn lips

color shifting festivelipstick


They say less is more! Picking even just a single color to work with can still turn heads. Those with brown eyes should try blues, purples, and ashy browns. Light-eyed ladies should try peach, gold, and honey-browns. Universal colors like pink, taupe, and champagne are great go-tos.

long orange hair autumn

cotton candy hair pink bob

nude blonde hair

Go Green!

Recycle a classic color like green into something trendy and new! Pick a rich forest green to accessorize with in the colder months and save olive yellow-toned greens for summertime to grab the sunlight. You’ve got options all year round.

smoky green makeup

wintergreen bow in hair

wintergreen geometric manicure

glam glitter green manicure

Embrace the clean slate the new year can bring! Want to try a new lip? Thinking of going blonder? We say go for it! If you need a place to start, you’ve come to the right place. From makeovers to schooling, see what The Salon Professional Academy, (TSPA), Holland has to offer!

Want some further beauty guidance? Make an appointment with us soon for cuts, colors, makeovers and more! View a full list of services here.*

{Financial assistance available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit http://www.tspaholland.com/privacy-policy.}

{*All services performed by students under the supervision of licensed professionals}

Official REDKEN Diamond Academy 2018

After careful examination and evaluation, we’ve done it again! Like in 2017, The Salon Professional Academy, (TSPA) Holland has been granted the Redken Diamond Academy Award for 2018.


What It Is

So what is this Redken Diamond Academy Award? It is our exclusive qualification for honors for our school and improved training for our students. Our relationship with Redken is one that we fostered with advanced education protocols and exceeded standards. Diamond status is our excellence in education and a demonstration of our relationship with Redken!

From Partnership to Relationship

While TSPAs have an exclusive relationship with Redken, the Diamond Academy Status is an additional accolade. While other beauty schools may offer you the chance to use Redken products, at TSPA Holland, we are provided access to further products, exclusive instruction, and higher honors.

hair stylists at work

What It Means

TSPA Holland has access to Redken’s top products for students to use. We even get the opportunity for additional education from the Global Artistic Director of Redken, Chris Baran. This also means we can host a Redken master educator color class to further our technique. A greater network is a greater education!

chris baran redken

This unique education can help students learn more during their schooling and thrive professionally! Talk about beautiful possibilities. Check out what educational differences might be in store for you by scheduling a tour today!

Ready to take on cosmetology school under Diamond Academy Status? Apply today!

{Financial assistance available to those who qualify. For our privacy policy and other information, visit http://www.tspaholland.com/privacy-policy.}

Makeup Inspired by Our 5 Fav Flowers!

Flowers, flowers, and even more flowers! Summer is in full bloom, and we are thrilled. This season we have been inspired by all of the beautiful floral that has taken over the earth, especially with the Holland Tulip Festival right behind us. We were so inspired by the gorgeous colors seen in the flowers at festival that we thought it was best to incorporate them into our makeup. From eyes to cheeks and down to our lips, here are five of our favorite makeup looks inspired by our favorite flowers!

Pretty Peonies

Pink Peonies in a sinkModel with blue eyes and pink blush looking at the camera
Peonies are known for symbolizing romance, good fortune, and compassion. But what most people don’t know is that Peonies are a symbol of bashfulness due to a Greek myth of Aphrodite’s affection towards Peonies causing her to become bashful.

In honor of all of the bashful Peonies in bloom, we are bringing color to our cheeks! Reds and pinks will bring color to your face and give you a more innocent look. Keep your eyes light with shimmer to complete the look.

Orange You Glad

Blackberry Lilies (orange flower with black freckles)Female model wearing orange eyeshadow
Don’t be scared to add some orange into your makeup routine. Surprisingly, orange works well for all eye colors and can really make them pop! Blackberry Lilies are meant to show innocence. However, with a pop of color like this, it’ll be hard to look innocent. Be bold and don’t be afraid to stand out with some orange. You’ll be glad you did.

Snow in Summer

White GardeniaFemale model looking off camera with white eyeliner on her eyes
White isn’t really seen as a “bold” or “unique” color, but once it is the focus of your makeup, things change. Dark or vibrant colors are usually used to emphasize your features. However, when you incorporate white to be the main color, your features will be striking! Follow the steps of the beautiful Gardenia flowers and its wisdom of love and purity to inspire you.

Lovely Lilac

Lilac on a vineFemale model with purple eyeshadow
A field of Lilacs is heaven on earth. Which is very fitting since Violet Lilacs are known for being spiritual flowers. Embrace the heavenly vibes and turn your makeup into something unearthly. Swap your angel wings for eyeliner wings. Line the bottom of your eyes in violet to bring a gorgeous more edgy vibe. Hey, angels can have a little edge to them!

Sun and Sunflowers

SunflowersFemale model with eyes closes and glossy yellow eyeshadowSunflowers. We couldn’t leave out the most summer flower there is. Sunflowers are sent to show adoration, loyalty, and strength. Sunflowers are known to be resilient because they can survive in difficult climates. Show your strength by incorporating yellow. This will bring warmth to your face and even a boost of confidence. To really add some more drama, seal the color with some gloss! This will really show off your color and your personality!

Show Us Your Skills!

Summer is a time to try new things and to work hard to perfect skills. Use this time to work on new looks, new techniques. Go outside and be inspired by nature and what this beautiful world is giving us! When you stop to smell the roses, keep an eye out. You might find your new go-to look. If makeup is your calling, you might want to consider our cosmetology program! Contact us to find out more information.

Why Choose a Future in the Beauty Industry?

Have you ever considered a future in the beauty industry? Whether you want to style hair, work as a makeup artist, or provide skin care services, the beauty industry is a great place for creative, outgoing people. Here are our top five reasons why you should choose a future in the beauty industry!

1. Help Others Feel Good

Ever had your day brightened up by a trip to the spa? Does visiting the hair salon make you feel like a new person? When you have a client who’s having a rough day, you can help them feel better. A new haircut, fresh blowout, or fun manicure can brighten up someone’s day and boost their confidence. You can create that positive vibe through your personality, skills, and creativity. Knowing that you made someone feel better with your talent can also lift your own self-esteem. This is just one of the possible rewards you can experience when you choose a future in the beauty industry.

Stylist talking to smiling woman in salon chair.

2. Use Your Creativity

If you’ve always been creative and interested in things like beauty, art, fashion, and style, a future in the beauty industry could be ideal for you. Whether you choose cosmetology or esthetics, you’ll get a chance to use that creative mind of yours. You can learn intricate, beautiful hairstyles and makeup looks and recreate them on clients. For those interested in the latest skin care techniques and products, you can use that passion to improve clients’ skin. The beauty industry can be a great place for creative individuals to thrive.

Girl with creative makeup and flower crown.

3. Practice Customer Service

A job in the beauty industry can be great for people who are social butterflies. As a stylist in a salon, you’ll have different people in the chair every day, giving you plenty of chances to strike up conversations. If you work as a makeup artist or beauty advisor, you can talk to your client about what you’re doing with their makeup and teach them valuable skills. Skin care specialists consult with clients about their skin’s needs and provide recommendations. Whichever path appeals to you, the beauty industry can be a great environment if you’re a people person.

Two female stylists working in a salon with clients, one male and one female.

4. Flexible Scheduling

Jobs in the beauty industry often allow for flexible scheduling. If the typical nine to five doesn’t work for you, this could be a great choice for your future. Jobs in salons and spas often allow you to choose between working weekdays, evenings, and weekends. When it comes to your beauty education, The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Holland offers full-time and part-time programs to fit your needs.

Hand writing the word "work" in pink marker on a whiteboard schedule.

5. Ever-Changing Work Days

When you have various clients with various needs, your workdays are rarely monotonous. One day you might be doing simple haircuts, while the next you could be creating an elaborate hairstyle for an event. Everyone who visits a stylist, makeup artist, or skin care specialist wants something different. You’ll get to use your creativity and skills each day to offer something unique to your client. Working in the beauty industry can keep you invested and engaged in your work as you continue to learn and grow.

Woman receiving lavender colored face mask at a spa.

Contact Us

Want to learn more about starting a future in the beauty industry? Call TSPA Holland today! We’d be happy to answer any of your questions and help you set up a tour. Let us help you get started on the path to your potential future in beauty!

Curious about other topics related to a future in the beauty industry? Check out these blog posts!

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Prom Checklist 2018

You’ve been waiting all year for this moment and it’s finally here: prom season. This is the perfect night to get glamorous, take photos, and have a great time with your friends. Before the big night, there’s work to do. From dress and shoe shopping to getting your hair and makeup done in our student salon training area at The Salon Professional Academy (TSPA), Holland, the perfect prom can take a lot of preparation. To help you stay organized so you can make the most of the experience, we’ve created a prom checklist for you!

Stylist does an elaborate formal hairstyle on a blonde girl.

Schedule Your Hair/Makeup Appointment

Prom is a busy season for hair stylists and professional makeup artists. Don’t wait until the last minute, schedule an appointment with us ahead of time. Our professionally trained students can give you the prom hair and makeup of your dreams under the supervision of industry-experienced educators. Got a specific look in mind? Bring in a photo and we’ll do our best to replicate it for you. Planning to do your own hair and makeup? Make sure you have everything you need weeks ahead of prom. This could include a blow dryer, curling or straightening iron, bobby pins, hairspray, dry shampoo, a brush and comb, elastic bands, decorative hair pieces, and so on.

Three girls with brown hair in pink prom dresses.

Choose a Dress and Make Sure It Fits

Choosing a dress can be the most fun part of the prom experience. When you visit a shop like Spring Sweet in Holland, Michigan, you can choose from dozens of beautiful gowns at a variety of price points. Whether you choose a trendy two-piece or a classic halter, you need to make sure your dress fits like a glove. Tailoring and other alterations can take time, so if there’s an issue with your dream dress, make sure it’s fixed at least a few weeks before the actual prom.

Close up of girl wearing red dress's feet in gold shoes and boy in black suit's feet in black leather shoes.

Make Sure You Don’t Wear Painful Shoes

The prom is a dance, which means you’ll be on your feet most of the night. The last thing you want is to be stuck in a pair of heels so painful you can barely walk. If you’re someone who is comfortable in heels, wear them around for a few weeks to break them in. If sky-high heels aren’t your thing, there are plenty of beautiful ballet flats, slides, sandals, and kitten heels out there to choose from. Make sure to buy bandages, pad cushions, or sole inserts if you’re going to need them. Your feet will thank you!

Close up of girls' wrists wearing corsages and sporting manicured nails.

Get Your Nails Done

Another great prom accessory is a professional manicure. Make an appointment in our student salon training area for the day of the prom or right before. One of our supervised students is ready to pamper you and help you look your very best. If you are looking for a professional quality look that will help bring your look together, be sure to make us your first stop. Whether you want to color coordinate with your dress, get some delicate nail art, or want classic French-tips, beautiful nails from TSPA Holland are a prom must-have.

Three girls with face masks holding cucumber slices.

Baby Your Skin

You want glowing, clear skin for prom. During the weeks and days leading up to the big night, take extra time with your skin care routine. Exfoliate, moisturize, and use face masks whenever you can. For those who have acne-prone skin, now is the time to be extra stringent with acne control products. For extra pampering, schedule a facial with one of our professionally trained students. You can also make appointments for brow, lip, and face waxing.

Let Us Help You Get Ready for Prom

If you want to feel and look your best for the prom, come visit us at TSPA Holland. Our professionally trained students can help you walk away feeling great before the big night.

All services performed by students under the direct supervision of licensed professionals.

Get Ahead of Acne. We Are Here to Help.

Acne Happens.

No matter who you are, chances are high that you have been impacted by acne at least once in your life. If you are the lucky ones who went through your high school years with an ethereal glow, there is no guarantee you won’t be facing the same issues later in life. Despite what they say, acne isn’t just for awkward teens. It can strike anywhere, anytime.

Understanding acne is one of the first steps toward helping to keep your skin blemish free.

Let’s master the basics! Read on to get our 5 tips to help keep your skin fresh and clean.

By the end of this blog, not only will you gain more understanding on this common irritant, but you will feel more confident in how to combat it. And don’t worry, there isn’t a popping video to be found.

Understanding Acne

At the very core acne comes from a build up of dirt and oil under the skin, but how that dirt and oil build up is an important step into what creates acne, and how to treat it.

The build up that creates a zit occurs in the tiny pores that cover your skin. Pores exist to expel the dirt, oil, and bacteria in your skin, but when there is too much, they can’t do their job and become clogged. It’s that backup that creates acne. While this build up is more common on your face, it can occur anywhere that you have pores– meaning they can appear anywhere.

While the actual development of acne is a bit more complicated than just a build up of dirt, it is the build up that begins the process. It’s one of the main reasons we have been prompted to keep our faces clean by dermatologists and estheticians. In addition to regular cleaning habits, there are many other things you can do to help keep your skin acne free.

5 Tips to Keep Acne at Bay.

No matter where your acne develops, there are a few things you can do everyday that will help to limit the blemishes appearances and keep you looking great!

  1. Allow Your Skin to Breathe

    Washing your face is a good foundation to allowing your skin to breathe. Cleaning off sweat from sleep and makeup at the end of the day are important rituals to help keep your pores happy. In addition, consider limiting the amount of makeup you wear during the day to help give your skin some breathing room.

  2. Avoid the Spread of Dirt and Oils

    The spreading of foreign dirt and oil onto your skin is one of the biggest contributors to acne. And who does all of that spreading? You do. Specifically, you do when you touch your face, or when you use your fingers to apply makeup. Limiting the amount of hand-to-face contact during the day can help to eliminate breakouts much more than you think!

  3. Beware Skin Clogging Products

    More than your hands, the products we put on our skin can lead to breakouts, as well. While makeup and lotions are known culprits of this, some cleansers can leave a residue behind as well. Make sure you check labels and search out oil-free or lightweight versions to help protect your pores.

  4. Keep Your Skin Moisturized

    This goes into more than just using a good oil-free moisturizer everyday, it also means limiting your sun exposure on areas that are prone to acne. Keeping your skin hydrated and free of sun damage is an important step to making sure your pores can do their job.

  5. Fuel Your Body

    Diet and exercise play an important part in fighting blemishes like acne. If you are eating a fatty diet, your pores will have to work twice as hard to expel all of those oils and bacteria. Exercising can also help to keep your pores clean, just remember to rinse off sweat after you are done so that you don’t cause an unneeded build-up.

While these tips are a great foundation for helping to keep your face and skin looking great, there is something even more important that can help limit outbreaks and put a stop to the facial scarring that so many acne sufferers experience.

How ‘Popping’ Your Acne Can Affect You.

Some people are masters are leaving acne alone, others can’t resist the need to pop. Love it or leave it, acne popping is so huge that ‘pimple popping’ videos are a common occurence on social media.

Those wildly popular videos from Mr. Popper and Dr. Pimple Popper however, are a bit different than your experience. Those are done by licensed dermatologists that know when extractions are necessary and how to do it without causing trauma to the skin.

Ask any licensed dermatologist or esthetician however, and they will all tell you the same thing: popping acne will only lead to trouble.

Not only could the compression of those poor backed up pores cause the bacteria to press into other parts of your skin and lead to further breakouts – but it can also lead to facial scarring in the form of tiny dents and imperfections.

As tempting as it is to pop for acne breakouts, we suggest a different route. Schedule an appointment in our student salon training area and get a deluxe spa facial from our talented esthetics students. Not only will we help to cleanse and exfoliate those pores, we will pamper you every step of the way, helping you to forget that breakout ever occurred.

Want to learn more? Check out our esthetics program and learn about how you can become do more than conquer your acne, you can help others master their and feel great in their own skin. From Skin care, facials, and makeup our esthetic students are passionate about what they do.

Financial Aid is available to those who qualify. Scholarship qualification and application processes vary, not all will qualify. Contact us today to speak to a financial aid administrator for more information.

All services performed by students in training under the supervision of licensed professionals.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median loan debt of students who completed the program and other information visit www.tspaholland.com

TSPA Holland: Dedicated to our Community

On November 5th 2017, The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Holland was awarded the Community Service of the Year Award at the annual SPEC conference. This award, given to one school who has shown an intense commitment to supporting their community, is a huge honor and one that we are proud to receive.

The Salon Professional Education Company, or SPEC, is the parent company to The Salon Professional Academy family of schools. Each year we gather together for trainings and announcements that impact our schools, and help us to deliver a quality education to every one of our students.

TSPA Holland Community Service award

A Dedication to Community

Since we opened our doors in September of 2016 our focus has always been on supporting our community and teaching our students the benefit of giving back. In addition to our own yearly work with our own charity; Share Your Heart for the Holiday’s, we have also donated time and services to many other charities local to Holland, Michigan.

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run - Ann Arbor News
Runners make their way under a balloon arch as they begin the Girls on the Run 5k at Eastern Michigan University Rynearson Stadium on Sunday. Melanie Maxwell I AnnArbor.com

This charity, which promotes self-esteem in young girls through physical fitness, holds and annual 5k. Used to both support the charity and the girls involved with the program, this 5k depends on vendors to help create an atmosphere of fun.

This last year TSPA Holland donated their time at the Happy Hair Station, where race participants could get their hair jazzed out with color and glitter!

Be Nice

Be Nice Michigan

In a fundraiser celebrating their grand opening, the owners at TSPA Holland chose to work with Be Nice, a non-profit focused on suicide prevention. They provided donation cans as well as training for their students to help them recognize the warning signs of depression and suicidal thoughts in their clients and co-workers.

Kids Food Basket

Decorated lunch bags

Thousands of children in Michigan live in food insecure houses, meaning that they often don’t know where their next meal is going to come from. The students at The Salon Professional Academy, Holland work with local charity, Kids Food Basket daily to to help provide them with snacks and meals for their weekends outside of school. They do this not only by providing food, but by decorating the bags the kids are sent home with with positive messages of encouragement.

It truly is a rewarding experience to know you are making a difference in the lives of those in your community.

It is from all of this amazing work we do with our community that has led to our recognition of this award. We are honored by the recognition and proud to know we have set a precedence towards service that influences our students as well as other schools in the TSPA network.

We hope that we can pass on the torch of service to other beauty schools around the country, encouraging them to give back to those who have given so much to them.

Get Your Jingle on! December Events in Holland, Michigan

The holidays are here and with it comes the lights and events that make the community in Holland so vibrant and beautiful.

If you are looking for events to make your holiday season perfect, check out some of these opportunities right outside your door.


Experience a Magical Holiday Season in Holland, Michigan with these Amazing Events

All Month Long
Santa’s House in Downtown Holland

December 1
Sinterklaas Eve in Downtown Holland
Deck The Halls in Downtown Holland

December 2
Kerstmarkt, European Market (through the 9th)
Nutcrackers the Nonsense Musical at the Holland Civic Theatre

December 3
Grand Rapids Ballet presents The Nutcracker at DeVos Hall

December 7
Nutcrackers the Nonsense Musical at the Holland Civic Theatre

December 8
Up on the rooftops in Downtown Holland
Nutcrackers the Nonsense Musical at the Holland Civic Theatre
Grand Rapids Ballet presents The Nutcracker at DeVos Hall

December 9
Downtown Holland’s Shopping Jam
Arts and Crafts Show at Holland Doubletree
Grand Rapids Ballet presents The Nutcracker at DeVos Hall
Holland Symphony’s Holiday Concert at Dimnent Chapel

December 10
Christmas at the Cappon House
Grand Rapids Ballet presents The Nutcracker at DeVos Hall

December 11
Holiday Wine tasting at Butch’s Dry Dock

December 13
Victorian Christmas Tea at the Cappon House

December 15
Zoo Lights at Binder Park Zoo

December 16
Christmas at the Cappon House
Zoo Lights at Binder Park Zoo

December 17
Christmas at the Cappon House
Zoo Lights at Binder Park Zoo

December 18
Zoo Lights at Binder Park Zoo

December 19
Zoo Lights at Binder Park Zoo

December 20
Zoo Lights at Binder Park Zoo

December 21
Zoo Lights at Binder Park Zoo

December 22
A Christmas Carol at Peter Martin Wege Theatre
Zoo Lights at Binder Park Zoo

December 23
Sneaky Elves Holiday Gift Workshop at Holland Arts Council
A Christmas Carol at Peter Martin Wege Theatre
Zoo Lights at Binder Park Zoo

Share Your Heart This Holiday Season

Scott and Rachel Harned have poured much of their time and passions into The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Holland’s operations since they opened the school. It is a commitment and work that they enjoy and embrace everyday, but even beyond the school and the salon that they proudly own and operate their time is devoted to family. It is a busy life, and during this time of year it becomes even busier as they begin work on a charity that is close to their hearts.

Woman with baby in hospitalAbout ten years ago Rachel and Scott’s lives were turned upside down when the joyful arrival of their beautiful baby boy was overshadowed by a heart defect. It was a trying time, and at three months they joined hands, hearts, and faith as he underwent an open heart procedure to rectify the defect.

Their tiny son came through the surgery with flying colors and was able to leave the hospital just a few shorts week later, on December 23rd, days before Christmas.

It was a bittersweet discharge, for while they were able to spend their son’s first Christmas at home with him, many of the families they had bonded with were still admitted, left to celebrate in the hospital.

The experience affected them in more ways than their son’s now happily beating heart, and about six years ago the Harned’s decided to give back. Share Your Heart for the Holidays was named after the Harned’s experiences. It was created to help families with children in the heart ward of the University of Michigan hospital who will be admitted during Christmas. They are dedicated to giving those families the best holiday they can.

A Season of Giving in a Time of Trial

Baby in hospital stroller beside Harneads son

As the Harned’s know, having a child in the heart ward at UofM can be difficult. Not only is it a strain on the emotional strength of all involved, but it can take its toll in other aspects of life.

Due to the high cost, many families find themselves struggling financially, and many others find themselves facing lost jobs and strained relationships due to the amount of time they spend at the hospital. While the time spent is vital for the child preparing for such a grueling surgery, it can affect even deeper if the family has other children – something that can cast this season in even more strife.

When the Harned’s were in the heart ward at UofM it was something that they witnessed first hand, and something that they too experienced, that is why when they started Share Your Heart for the Holidays. They chose to work with the families admitted in the same ward that their son was.

It’s a Gift of Comfort and Support

Harneads son with donated gifts

There is great comfort in knowing that someone else understands not only what you are going through but has chosen to support you in that fight.

Through Share Your Heart for the Holidays the students at The Salon Professional Academy, Holland, as well as the staff at Bombshell Blow Dry Bar, and many others choose to sponsor one of the families in the heart ward, purchasing gifts for them to help make their holidays bright.

In addition to the students and staff that the Harned’s work with, many of the families who had been gift recipients in the past come forward to support a family that is currently in the ward, giving them not only the gifts that they may be unable to provide, but a listening ear and kind shoulder of someone who has been in the exact position before.

Different from many similar charities, Share Your Heart for the Holidays connects families with one another if it is requested by the assigned family. This gives them an added connection and friendship that could last long past discharge.

Each year on December 15th, the anniversary of their son’s surgery, the Harned’s and supporting families take the gifts to the heart ward at UofM, honoring them and giving them hope for what awaits them on the other side of this trial.

Delivering gifts at the hospital


“We felt so blessed by God to have a healthy child and spend the holidays with him that we just wanted to make sure others were able to experience the same joy, even if just for a short time.” The Harned’s said.

Since its first year Share Your Heart for the Holidays has helped over forty families make a trying time full of holiday spirit.

If you would like to sponsor a family, or learn more about how you can help support families who may find themselves confined to a hospital this Christmas, give Share Your Heart for the Holidays a call. You can find them on Facebook, or email Rachel.

two woman in hospital with infant after heart surgery

The Salon Professional Academy, Holland as well as Rachel and Scott Harned hope everyone has a holiday full of joy, family, and memories to last a lifetime. No matter where you find yourself, may you feel the holiday spirit in your home, and in your heart.

Happy Holidays

Meet Sydney Behm, 2017 Redken Scholarship Winner

In 2017 Redken awarded $35,000 dollars in scholarships to cosmetology students across the United States.

This money, given out in $1,000 awards, has made attending beauty school more affordable for hundreds of students and helped them achieve their dreams..

This year, The Salon Professional Academy(TSPA), Holland is proud to call one of the recipients of this amazing award their own.

Come say hello to Sydney Behm, get to know her and learn a bit about applying for the scholarship opportunity.

If you are a current student at TSPA Holland, or are thinking about cosmetology school, schedule an appointment to sit down with our Admissions Coordinator to learn about all of our financial aid options, and scholarships that you could qualify for.

Meet Sydney

Sydney Behm on Instagram

Sydney has been a student of The Salon Professional Academy, Holland for a bit now, in fact, she graduated on October 12th, just a few days ago!

Busy preparing to sit for the state exam, she is eager to step into the next chapter of her life and begin her career! In fact, she has multiple job offers waiting for her, go Sydney!

The icing on top, of course, was receiving this award mere days before her graduation.

About the Award

Redken Scholarship info

In order to apply for this scholarship Sydney was required to maintain an 85% GPA and a 90% attendance record. While those numbers may seem high, they were easy to maintain, especially with the passion that she has for the beauty industry.

It’s a dedication and work ethic that will see her into an amazing career, we are sure!

Applying for the scholarship is easier than you would think. Although it has just a few questions, Sydney admits that answering questions about why she thought she deserved it was the hardest part.

In addition to those difficult responses, she also had to answer questions about her skills and her history.

Sydney’s Award

Sydney Behn

Sydney was shocked that she was one of the few awarded this scholarship this year, but it was a happy surprise! As she applied to help alleviate some of the cost of her cosmetology education, that $1,000 award will definitely help with that.

If you are thinking of applying for the Redken Scholarship, or one of the many other scholarships we are affiliated with, Sydney will be the first to tell you to go for it! No matter what the result, the time is worth it! One word of advice Sydney gives is that if you chose to apply, be as open and honest as possible.

From everyone here at The Salon Professional Academy, Holland we would like to congratulate Sydney on her award, and wish her luck in the beautiful future that awaits her.

If you are thinking about cosmetology school, schedule a tour to see what TSPA Holland can do for you, and what financial options could help you to pursue your dreams.