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Acne Happens.

No matter who you are, chances are high that you have been impacted by acne at least once in your life. If you are the lucky ones who went through your high school years with an ethereal glow, there is no guarantee you won’t be facing the same issues later in life. Despite what they say, acne isn’t just for awkward teens. It can strike anywhere, anytime.

Understanding acne is one of the first steps toward helping to keep your skin blemish free.

Let’s master the basics! Read on to get our 5 tips to help keep your skin fresh and clean.

By the end of this blog, not only will you gain more understanding on this common irritant, but you will feel more confident in how to combat it. And don’t worry, there isn’t a popping video to be found.

Understanding Acne

At the very core acne comes from a build up of dirt and oil under the skin, but how that dirt and oil build up is an important step into what creates acne, and how to treat it.

The build up that creates a zit occurs in the tiny pores that cover your skin. Pores exist to expel the dirt, oil, and bacteria in your skin, but when there is too much, they can’t do their job and become clogged. It’s that backup that creates acne. While this build up is more common on your face, it can occur anywhere that you have pores– meaning they can appear anywhere.

While the actual development of acne is a bit more complicated than just a build up of dirt, it is the build up that begins the process. It’s one of the main reasons we have been prompted to keep our faces clean by dermatologists and estheticians. In addition to regular cleaning habits, there are many other things you can do to help keep your skin acne free.

5 Tips to Keep Acne at Bay.

No matter where your acne develops, there are a few things you can do everyday that will help to limit the blemishes appearances and keep you looking great!

  1. Allow Your Skin to Breathe

    Washing your face is a good foundation to allowing your skin to breathe. Cleaning off sweat from sleep and makeup at the end of the day are important rituals to help keep your pores happy. In addition, consider limiting the amount of makeup you wear during the day to help give your skin some breathing room.

  2. Avoid the Spread of Dirt and Oils

    The spreading of foreign dirt and oil onto your skin is one of the biggest contributors to acne. And who does all of that spreading? You do. Specifically, you do when you touch your face, or when you use your fingers to apply makeup. Limiting the amount of hand-to-face contact during the day can help to eliminate breakouts much more than you think!

  3. Beware Skin Clogging Products

    More than your hands, the products we put on our skin can lead to breakouts, as well. While makeup and lotions are known culprits of this, some cleansers can leave a residue behind as well. Make sure you check labels and search out oil-free or lightweight versions to help protect your pores.

  4. Keep Your Skin Moisturized

    This goes into more than just using a good oil-free moisturizer everyday, it also means limiting your sun exposure on areas that are prone to acne. Keeping your skin hydrated and free of sun damage is an important step to making sure your pores can do their job.

  5. Fuel Your Body

    Diet and exercise play an important part in fighting blemishes like acne. If you are eating a fatty diet, your pores will have to work twice as hard to expel all of those oils and bacteria. Exercising can also help to keep your pores clean, just remember to rinse off sweat after you are done so that you don’t cause an unneeded build-up.

While these tips are a great foundation for helping to keep your face and skin looking great, there is something even more important that can help limit outbreaks and put a stop to the facial scarring that so many acne sufferers experience.

How ‘Popping’ Your Acne Can Affect You.

Some people are masters are leaving acne alone, others can’t resist the need to pop. Love it or leave it, acne popping is so huge that ‘pimple popping’ videos are a common occurence on social media.

Those wildly popular videos from Mr. Popper and Dr. Pimple Popper however, are a bit different than your experience. Those are done by licensed dermatologists that know when extractions are necessary and how to do it without causing trauma to the skin.

Ask any licensed dermatologist or esthetician however, and they will all tell you the same thing: popping acne will only lead to trouble.

Not only could the compression of those poor backed up pores cause the bacteria to press into other parts of your skin and lead to further breakouts – but it can also lead to facial scarring in the form of tiny dents and imperfections.

As tempting as it is to pop for acne breakouts, we suggest a different route. Schedule an appointment in our student salon training area and get a deluxe spa facial from our talented esthetics students. Not only will we help to cleanse and exfoliate those pores, we will pamper you every step of the way, helping you to forget that breakout ever occurred.

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