How to Pick a Beauty School in Michigan

This is it. You have decided what you want to do for a career. You are excited. Your days are filled with dreams of creating the perfect Balayage, and mastering a Brazilian blow-out.

You are ready.

But with all the excitement and daydreams there is one thing that is blocking you from you taking that first step.

Choosing a Beauty School

It’s no wonder, finding the perfect beauty school can be very daunting! The school you choose and the education they provide can truly impact what type of job you will be able to get after graduation.

If you feel overwhelmed by this choice, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Read through our tips for picking a beauty school.

Class at THSPA Holland

Dig in Deep

Get ready, while the research for this can seem intense, this is an important decision and you want to make sure that your investment is worth it.

Before you even make the call to schedule a tour, find out all you can about the school.

  • What background do the owners have?
  • How long has the school been open?
  • What is the history like?
  • What training do the instructors have?
  • Have they won any awards?

Asking questions can help you see a broader perspective of the school even before you step through their doors. Don’t be afraid to dig deep and ask the hard questions to get the answers you want.

Pro Tip Have a list ready before you go in so that you don’t forget anything! But remember, even if you do, sending an email to the admissions department before or after the tour can help you ask what you forgot and organize your thoughts as you get ready to make a decision.

What Students are Saying

Each beauty school is different. That much can be ascertained from the moment you walk through their doors. Although tours are great resources, it’s the students who know first-hand what the school is really like.

Check the reviews of the school on sites like Google and Facebook to hear what those students are saying. Do they have good things to say, and what about the bad? Every business is sure to have some unhappy customers, but bad reviews should not necessarily discount a school. Check their responses and see if their decorum is what you would hope to see in your school.

Pro TipReviews can be hard to navigate. Checking these after visiting the school can help you make sense of what’s being said and increase your understanding as you move to make your own decision.


class at TSPA Holland

What Salons are Saying

Your ultimate goal is to get a job in a salon. You may even have the salon of your dreams already picked out. Because of this, it’s important to get the input of salon owners before making your decision.

After all, local salon owners are the ones that are interviewing those freshly minted graduates from local beauty schools. Salon owners know what they want and they know which schools are providing the education levels they want in their employees.

Reviews from students are a very important factor when choosing a school, but taking the time to speak to salon owners can give you an even clearer view on what you can expect after graduation, and which schools can help you get there.

Pro TipDon’t be afraid to reach out to salon owners! They may be busy, but they truly appreciate speaking about things like this. Plus, you might create the beginnings of a beautiful relationship.

Feels Like Home

It’s no secret that you will be spending a lot of time at your chosen school. Depending on your program it could be as much as 40 hours a week! You want to find a place that makes you feel welcome, with people who understand you, to help those hours, weeks and months fly by in a blur of awesomeness.

When you take a tour make sure to ask about what the student body is like if there are any extra team building activities that they like to do or any community outreach they participate in. It’s the little things that help build a culture, and you want to make sure that culture matches you.

Pro Tip Tours are important, but schedule a service in their student salon as well! This will give you the chance to chat to a currently enrolled student and gain a little bit of insight into how the school truly works.


Break Out The Books

We have talked a bit about reputation and experience, but there is something far more important that should be number one on your list.

The Education.

The curriculum the school uses, and the extras that they offer, can really make or break your future in beauty.

  • Does the school have a healthy business management education?
  • What can they tell you about their curriculum system, and how interactive is it?
  • Do they have any affiliations or accreditations that add to their current system and give you more education opportunities?

While many of these questions may seem foreign now, they are important. Some schools have a limited curriculum in business or utilize their own cutting school that hasn’t been updated in years. On the other side, some schools, like TSPA Holland, have a relationship with brands like Redken that gives them access to additional training and products that can really benefit students. These types of relationships, along with a proven curriculum, can help create a well rounded education that could help students find success.

Pro Tip Some curriculum products, like Summit and Pivot Point, offer sample lessons on their website. They can give you an idea to the type of curriculum the teachers are working from, and if the techniques will get you where you want to be.

Ready to make the decision for your school? Schedule your tour today and find out what makes The Salon Professional Academy the school that could help you get on the path to the beautiful future of your dreams.

Camp Cosmo Round-up!

On June 29th, The Salon Professional Academy Holland hosted their first ever Cosmetology Camp. Camp TSPA is a unique event that allows teens to experience a day as a cosmo student!
Cosmetology is an exciting and rapidly growing industry. With so many options, unknowns and competing information out there, however, it can be hard for a high school student to know exactly what cosmetology school is; let alone if it is for them! We wanted to help cut through the noise as they make a strong decision about their future, we hope this camp assisted them in this.

Cosmetology Day Camp at TSPA Holland

Campers got to hang out on our beautiful campus for a day, starting with a chat with the owners and teachers of TSPA Holland about what cosmetology is all about. It was a great experience for them to sit down and have all their questions answered, and to get a clearer picture of what a future in beauty could be.

Campers were also able to experience an active class alongside current TSPA students as they learned about the color wheel. Using “goo” and food coloring, each student created a color before blending them together in a large color wheel. It was a fun activity that really showed them a taste of the hands-on learning that takes place in TSPA Holland.

Cosmetology Day Camp at TSPA Holland

Cosmetology Day Camp at TSPA Holland

In addition to experiencing the learning side of cosmetology school, campers also got to experience the pampering side. After a catered lunch from Electric Hero, the students were handed over to our advanced students. Approaching graduation, these students gave each camper a spa and salon service while chatting about their experience in cosmetology school, their favorite courses, and of course, what they see in their future.

There are so many career options available to new graduates, and if you are interested in a career in beauty it can feel overwhelming with all the options and information that is out there.
We are glad to have the opportunity to host these students and help them navigate through their questions to help them find a future that is right for them.

Cosmetology Day Camp at TSPA Holland

If you are interested in a career in beauty and feeling overwhelmed, join us for our July 20th camp, or give us a call and schedule your own personalized tour experience.

Cosmetology Day Camp at TSPA Holland